Olav W. Bertelsen 


Aarhus University
Computer Science 
Åbogade 34
DK-8200 Aarhus N

building: Ada Lovelace
room: 5342-120
phone: +45 2058 6120
dept.: +45 8942 5600


Olav Wedege Bertelsen, Associate Professor, PhD, MSc.

Computer Mediated Activity research group; Department of Computer Science; Aarhus University.
PIT - Center for Participatory Information Technology.

Chair of the Academic Union Representatives at Aarhus University (fællestillidsrepræsentant), Union Representative (fællestillidsrepræsentant) for academics at the Faculty of Science and Technology as well as the Department of Computer Science.

Vice chair of the joint cooperation committe (Hovedsamarbejdsudvalget) for Aarhus Univeristy, and for the joint cooperation committe (Fakultetssamarbejdsudvalg) for the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Member of the Executive Committee (Hovedbestyrelsen) for DM (the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs)

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