Olav W. Bertelsen

Events (conferences, workshops, etc)

[Aarhus2015] The fifth decennial Aarhus Conference on IT for critical alternatives. Aarhus , Denmark, 17-21 August 2015

[HouseDemoWS] Workshop on Residents Democratic engagement in public housing and urban area -- structures, formalities and technologies. Workshop in conjunction with Aarhus 2015 conference, August 2015

[CTDP2014] Cooperative Technologies in Democratic Processes - Beyond e-Voting. COOP 2014 Workshop, 27th May 2014, Nice, France.

[ECSCW2013] The 13th European conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

[mat4par2012] Materiality for Participation - Workshop @ NordiCHI 2012 - 14 October 2012.

[NordiCHI] The Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

[TheraStratWS] Therapeutic Strategies - a Challenge for User Involvement in Design. Workshop at NordiCHI 2010, 17 October 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland. Proceedings.

[EroticHCI] Erotic Life in Human-Computer Interaction. Workshop at NordiCHI 2010, 16 October 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland.

[DIS 2010] The 2010 Designing Interactive Systems Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, August 16-20, 2010. In cooperation with ACM SIGCHI.

[DHRS 2009] The Ninth Danish Human Computer Interaction Reserach Symposiom, Aarhus, December 14, 2009.

[New PD] Workshop on The New Participatory Design in Non-Work Contexts Monday, 24th August 2009, Uppsala, Sweden. In conjunction with INTERACT 2009.

[Therapeutic PD workshop] Workshop on Participatory Design in Therapeutic Contexts Sunday, 19th October 2008, Lund, Sweden.

[ExpWS2006]Workshop on Theory and Method for Experience Centered Design, to take place at CHI 2006, Montreal, Canada, 23rd April 2006.

[IRIS2006] The 29th IRIS seminar - Paradigms Politics Paradoxes, Elsinore, August 12-15, 2006. (pictures from the IRIS-games can be found [here].).

[Critical Computing] The Fourth Decennial Aarhus Conference on Critical IT-research, August 20-24 2005. Proceedings available here.

[AQL workshop] Workshop on Ambient Computing In A Critical, Quality of Life Perspective. Sunday, 21 August 2005, Aarhus

[HCIAest2004] Aesthetic Approaches to Human-Computer Interaction. Workshop at NordiCHI 2004 (October 24).

[ATIT2004] 1st Intl Workshop on AT Based Practical Methods for IT Design, Copenhagen, September 2-3, 2004.

[iris24atit] Workshop on operationalising activity theory in IT-design (at IRIS24).

[Aesthetic Computing] Dagstuhl Seminar July 2002. Organised by Paul Fishwick, Roger Malina, and Christa Sommerer.

[DHRS2001] The first Danish HCI Research Symposium, Aarhus November 2001.

[qualivali] Workshop on quality and validity in HCI research (at NordiCHI 2000).

[sjis12] Special issue of SJIS on Activity theory and IT design.

[ISCRAT 1998] The Fourth Congress of the International Society for Cultural Research and Activity Theory, ISCRAT 1998 — Activity Theory and Cultural Historical Approaches to Social Practice. — Aarhus University, Denmark, June 7-11, 1998.

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