2nd International Workshop on
Approximation and Randomized Algorithms in Communication Networks
BRICS, University of Aarhus, Denmark, August 27, 2001

ALGO 2002
September 16-21
Rome ``La Sapienza''
ALGO 2001
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The dramatic growth in number of powerful, easy-to-use, portable, and affordable computers, combined with globally accessible communication networks, has resulted in a large and growing user community which demands for sophisticated communication services. The realization of high-speed, high-performance, cost-effective, reliable and transparent networking requires new approaches, based on sophisticated algorithmic techniques. The workshop on Approximation and Randomized Algorithms in Communication Networks focuses on the exploitation of randomized and approximation techniques to obtain efficient solutions to these new issues arising in the area of communication networks.


Papers are solicited in all research areas related to approximation and randomized algorithms in communication networks, including, but not limited to: Network routing; Collective communication (broadcasting, multicasting, gossiping); Network design; Load balancing and resource allocation; Fault tolerance; Efficient access to optical bandwidth; Wavelength routing and allocation in optical networks; Location management of mobile users; Frequency assignment in radio networks; Energy consumption in wireless networks; Routing in satellite constellations; ATM network layout; Scheduling in computer networks; Scheduling with communication delays; Time and resource constrained scheduling of call requests; On-line communication algorithms; Complexity issues in communication networks.

Program Committee

C. Kaklamanis (Patras, chair)
J.-C. Bermond (Sophia Antipolis)
A. Clementi (Rome)
A. Ferreira (Sophia Antipolis)
P. Fraigniaud (Paris-Sud)
K. Jansen (Kiel)
D. Krizanc (Wesleyan)
F. Meyer auf der Heide (Paderborn)
P. Persiano (Salerno)
Y. Rabani (Technion)
J. Rolim (Geneva)
P. Spirakis (Patras)
U. Vaccaro (Salerno)

Previous ARACNE workshops

  • ARACNE 2000, 1st International Workshop on Approximation and Randomized Algorithms in Communication Networks, Geneva, Switzerland, July 15, 2000.

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