Pong - The Multiplayer Game

This webpage contains the game Pong used February 22, 2017, during the TÅGEKAMMER event "the worlds' most boring lecture".

The game consists of two webpages pong.html (see below left) and control.html (see below right), containing respectively the game and the remote controllers (designed for touch browsers on e.g. mobil phone). The controllers and the game communicate using a WebRTC server. The game is designed so that an arbitrary number of players (100+) can play the game simultaniously. The final speed of the movements of the paddles is determined by the number of users pulling the paddles in a given direction.

pong.html control.html

The html pages use the following files: Javascript code for the game pong.js, font slkscr.ttf, and sound files miss.wav, paddle.wav, and wall.wav.

Key shortcuts for the game window

space :Start new game / Unpause
A :Automatic restart (toggle)
B :One more ball
F :Fixed number of balls (balls reappear)
G :Increase gravity
shift G :Decrease gravity
E :User allowed gravity change (toggle)
H :Horizontal moves allowed (toggle)
M :Mirrored gravity
N :Neutral (cancel gravity, mirroring, zigzag)
P :Pause / Unpause
U :Unlimited score (infite game)
L :Left auto play (toggle)
R :Right auto play (toggle)
C :Toggle computer levels (center ball vs linear movement prediction)
K :Kill game (Game over)
S :Sound (toggle)
Z :Random zig-zag with random turns
W :Show link to controller
+ and - :Increase / decrease ball speed
Q :Speed up movements
shift Q :Slow down movements
D :Toggle between 2 and 4 player game
Arrows :Move paddles in 4 directions
0 :Toggle blank screen


Thanks to Morten Krogh-Jespersen for setting up a WebRTC server for the game communication.