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Introduction to Categories

A BRICS Mini-Course
September, 1994

Lectures by
Jaap van Osten

Course Contents

Abstract from the lecture notes:

This course was given to advanced undergraduate and beginning Ph.D. students in the fall of 1994 in Aarhus, as part of Glynn Winskel's semantics course. It is, in the author's view, the very minimum of category theory one needs to know if one is going to use it sensibly. Nevertheless, two topics are breathed on, which may be skipped: there is a glimpse of categorical logic, and there is a treatment of the lambda-calculus in cartesian closed categories. These are there to give the reader at least a very rough idea of how the theory ``works''. The text contains a bit over hundred exercises, varying in difficulty, which supplement the treatment and are warmly recommended. There is an elaborate index.

Lecture Notes