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Cryptography in the Quantum Computing Era

A BRICS Mini-Course
February 4 and 6, 2003

Lectures by
Claude Crépeau,
School of Computer Science, McGill University

Course Contents

Introductions to classical cryptographic tools and quantum computing will first be presented. The basic notion of Quantum Key Distribution will then be discussed. Then information theoretical notions of cryptography over quantum states such as encryption and authentication will be covered. Computational analogues will also be presented: quantum public key-cryptography, public-key authentication and impossibility of quantum digital signatures. Some application to Quantum error correcting codes will be presented. And finally, Multi-party computations over classical and quantum data be described.


Tuesday February 4, 2003, 15:15-17:00 in Auditorium D4

Thursday February 6, 2003, 15:15-17:00 in Auditorium D1