me in L.A. During my PhD I was affiliated with the LEGO Lab of Aarhus University, Denmark, but I also spent nine months working with Maja J Matarić in her Interaction Lab at the Robotics Labs of University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, USA.

Moodles, my newest humanoid LEGO robot which will appear in the movie Raspberry Magic

My robot publications.

Mobile, autonomous robots moving in formations.

Seymour (also known as Dr. Watson), my third-generation humanoid LEGO robot face.

Feelix, a humanoid LEGO robot displaying emotional facial expressions.

Innerspace, robot installation with sound-making LEGO robots inside a human cell.

Bugs, sound-making robotic insects.

LEGO football stadium with spectators doing 'the wave' (scroll down to the Robot Soccer World Cup 98 Demonstration section).

Elektra, an ancestor of Feelix.

LEGO smiley robot (Elektra's face module).

Robotic musicians playing Strauss.

The Assumption architecture, a rule-based training system for simple LEGO robots.

My Master's thesis.

My old USC homepage.


Here's an office snapshot from my robotics years.

In spite of evolving morphology, no significant change in behavior has been observed.