Bas Spitters

Associate professor in the Logic and Semantics Group, Dept. of Comp. Science, Aarhus University.
Office: Turing 229 Aabogade 34 DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark. e-mail
In 2015 I taught a PhD-course on Homotopy type theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

Research interests





Since April 2015: Associate professor, Aarhus University
2015: Associate professor at CMU working on the MURI grant Homotopy Type Theory: Unified Foundations of Mathematics and Computation
and Aarhus in the Logic and Semantics Group.
2014: Visiting positions at LRI Paris-Sud, IHP, PPS Paris-7, Gotheburg Computing Science.
2013: Member of the Institute for Advanced Studies for the special year on univalent foundations.
2010-2013: Leading the Nijmegen contribution to the ForMath project, as well as Work Package 4: formalization of exact analysis. (The project got an "excellent" mark.)


Organization: PhDay'01, Constructive mathematics, types and exact real numbers, DIAMANT-day '05, Brouwer seminar (from 2004 to 2007), MAP07, Sheaves in Geometry and Quantum Theory, MLNL09, QPL-11, Coq-workshop 2011, MAP11, Type Theory And Formalization Of Mathematics
Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations - Mini-Symposium at DMV 2015.
CIRM workshop: Computable Analysis: Foundations, Implementation and Certification.
The constructivenews-list.
Grant Villum Foundation: Guarded Homotopy Type Theory. With Lars Birkedal we received 3.3 Mkr from the Villum Foundation for a research project on Guarded Homotopy Type Theory. The goal of the project is to develop new theories for and prototypes of proof assistants, which can be used within both mathematics and computer science.
Previous grants:
DIAMANT researcher.
VENI `Reasoning and Computing' of the dutch science foundation NWO.
Egbert Rijke (2012-2013).
Eelis van der Weegen (2010-2011).
Russell O'Connor Incompleteness and Completeness Formalizing Logic and Analysis in Type Theory (2005-2008).

Teaching Seminar on simplicial methods (2012)