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Master Thesis Supervision

Supervised Students

The following is a list of master theses that I have supervised since 2012 at Aarhus University (including exchange students and students who are not from the Computer Science Department).

Name Year Title
Mikkel Lambæk 2016 Breaking and Fixing Private Set Intersection Protocols
Nafsika Antoniadou 2016 Reductions of Cryptographic Assumptions
Jesper Madsen 2016 Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits
Anders Konring 2015 On the Anonymity of SPV in the Bitcoin Protocol
Jakob Bjerre Jakobsen 2015 A Practical Cryptanalysis of the Telegram Messaging Protocol
Torben Brandt Hansen 2015 Canonical and Systematic Approach to Cryptographic Subversion
Helene Flyvholm Haagh 2015 Constructions of Functional Encryption
Morten Djernæs Bech 2015 Oblivious Transfer Extension Protocols
Jon Korsgaard Sorensen 2014 Security analysis of Bitcoin
Luca Melis 2013 On the Learning Parity with Noise Problem
Thomas Nørlem Rasmussen 2014 Fully homomorphic Encryption and multilinear Maps
Rune Steen Laursen 2014 Cryptographic Applications of Software Obfuscation
Bjarke Vældgaard Grøn 2013 How to Verify the Correctness of Delegated Computations
Peter Høeg Steffensen 2013 How to Verify the Correctness of Delegated Computations

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