Jesper Buus Nielsen

Jesper Buus Nielsen

You are viewing the professional homepage of Jesper Buus Nielsen. I am an associate professor at Aarhus University. I am part of the Cryptography Group, which has a proud history.


Our book on Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing is now available.

Research Interests

I'm currently primarily interested in implementing secure multiparty computation in practice, rational cryptography, leakage resilient cryptography, tamper resilient cryptography, and universal composability. In the past I worked on a wide range of topics within and relating to cryptography, including:

Research Activities

PhD Students, Past and Present

I have had the honour to be supervisor the following brilliant PhD students:


If you are trying to find one of my publications, try DBLP for already published papers.

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Some papers you will not find on the above two sites:

Some teaching material:

Professional Activities

I'm on the editorial board of the journal IET Information Security, primarily handling Multiparty Computation. Please consider submitting your good manuscripts. I'm committed to making very fast a process. Please don't submit any bad manuscripts. I will do all in my power to have them summary rejected. Feel free to contact me with questions.

I reviewed grant proposals and/or evaluated reseach projects for the following research agencies:

I acted on the PC committee for the following schools: I acted as program committee member for the following conferences: I (helped) organize the following workshops and schools:




Here are links to some of my papers to support a more open access. If there is a paper of mine you need to read and you cannot access it elsewhere, write me, and I will add it to the list.


Jesper Buus Nielsen