Elad Verbin


Mail: elad.verbin@gmail.com



I am a theoretical computer scientist. I am a postdoc in the Computer Science Department of Aarhus University, jointly appointed by MADALGO and the computational complexity group. I did my PhD with Haim Kaplan in Tel Aviv University.


These days I am most interested in:

(i) Information theory and its applications in concrete lower bounds in computer science (communication complexity, data structure lower bounds, streaming lower bounds, circuit lower bounds, etc)

(ii) Analysis of Boolean functions (and learning theory)

(ii) Probability theory and its applications in computer science

(iv) Pseudorandomness for space-bounded classes

I also worked on approximation algorithms, stringology and combinatorial algorithms, and am generally interested in all topics of theoretical computer science and some math.




Markov Chain Monte Carlo Course



Lower Bounds Course


Papers and Talks


Old Teaching  (in Tel Aviv University)