dSoftArk 2016 Weekplan 3

The learning goals for Week 46-47 are:

Thu: Hints for mandatory 2. Variability Management and 3-1-2. State. Mon: Test Stubs. Abstract Factory.



Notes for this weekplan:

To lower the implementation burden on EpsilonCiv, you may use my utility library Utility.java. The associated tests are in TestUtility.java; note the heavy use of test stubs and that the last two stubbed methods in the game stub (GameStubForBattleTesting) has to be removed. They are there as the test runs using the extended Game interface that will be introduced later.

As we get more patterns, this excellent Design pattern poster (A4) or Design pattern poster (A3) may come in handy. It is made by a former continuing education student, Simon Kracht. Thanks, Simon!

Additional exercises:

11.4 11.5 12.5 13.6 36.16

Rehearse a variability exam situation using an exercise in the example exam question set: demo-question-final-2015.pdf.

Next, do a 10 minute presentation at the whiteboard in front of your team.

The team provides constructive feedback on the presentation: Is your presentation clear and understandable, do you discuss the concepts and terms correctly, is you Java example code correct, etc. Swap and ensure all in the team gets a chance to rehearse the situation.

Legend: The typography bold, normal, (brackets), above indicate my perception of how important the exercises are from high to optional. However, solve the mandatory project first!.