dSoftArk 2016 Weekplan 2

The learning goals for Week 45-46 are:

Thu: Hints for mandatory 1. The Strategy pattern derived. Mon: Refactoring and Integration Testing. History and definitions of Design Patterns. Flexibility and Maintainability.



Notes for this weekplan:

To provide 'just-in-time' info, I will start this week with "do's and don'ts" for the TDD exercise that you are going to deliver in this iteration.

The "Fake-it" principle is especially strong for driving new abstractions into development while keeping focus. I have a screencast that highlight this process. It introduces a World role while keeping focus on the MoveUnit method: unit-move-faked (MP4).

Thanks to Esben Andreasen for pointing me towards the PatternCraft videos.

Additional exercises:

7.5 7.6 9.1 9.3

Rehearse a TDD exam situation. Sit down and spend 15 minutes to read and prepare a 10 minute oral presentation of one of the TDD exercises in the example exam question set: demo-question-final-2015.pdf.

Next, do a 10 minute presentation at the whiteboard in front of your team.

The team provides constructive feedback on the presentation: Is your presentation clear and understandable, do you discuss the concepts and terms correctly, is you Java example code correct, etc. Swap and ensure all in the team gets a chance to rehearse the situation.

Legend: The typography bold, normal, (brackets), above indicate my perception of how important the exercises are from high to optional. However, solve the mandatory project first!.