Weekplan / dSoftArk

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Week 44-45 Thu: Introduction to the course. Testing and Test-driven Development. Mon: The dSoftArk tools. HotCiv project.
Week 45-46 Thu: Hints for mandatory 1. The Strategy pattern derived. Mon: Refactoring and Integration Testing. History and definitions of Design Patterns. Flexibility and Maintainability.
Week 46-47 Thu: Hints for mandatory 2. Variability Management and 3-1-2. State. Mon: Test Stubs. Abstract Factory.
Week 47-48 Thu: Hints 3. Theory of roles, responsibility, and protocol. Principles of compositional design. Mon: Multi-dimensional variance. More patterns.
Week 48-49 Thu: Backlog from last week. Hints 4. Some patterns Mon: Systematic Testing. Some more patterns.
Week 49-50 Thu: Hints 5. Pattern backlog. MiniDraw - an example framework. Mon: Framework Theory and Template Method.
Week 50-51 Thu: Quality Attributes. The backlog of topics. Mon: Exam discussion.